Lisa Butel and Brent Cross are sound artists living in Vancouver. They create experimental music using live improvised vocal looping and vocal sound manipulation, improvised and live sound synthesis and sample collage. Their music bends and drifts, rages and diminishes, layers and undulates and is original in each performance.


Fake Jazz Anniversary show(Aug 31/2019) with dancer, Iris Stewart-Bosch;  Vines Arts Festival(Aug4/2019) with installation artist Glen Andersen (Beaver Cinema project);  Mixed Input Series (April 16/2019) with videographer Emma Tomic; Quiet City #54 (Nov 8/2018).

Their live performances are energized and directed by their love of improvisational aesthetics that they have absorbed and crafted over years of involvement in the Vancouver’s NOW Society’s Improvisational workshop series. 

Cross is fascinated with developing a more compassionate use for his music through real time improvisations and composition, community and artist collaboration and developing heightened physical awareness to sound and it’s presentation in space. Brent is exploring the relationship between digital and analog sound and is obsessed with bending, time stretching, pitch altering, raw audio samples in real time during his improvised musical performances.

Butel  delivers vocals from operatic to guttural and machine-like to demonic growls through complex and multiple loop cycles .  

photo by Carol Sawyer